A&E Couples Backdoor Pleasure Kit

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7 Ways For Couples To Experiment With Backdoor Bliss!

If you and your partner have ever been tempted by the idea of backdoor play, then this beginner-friendly kit is just what you need to explore those taboo urges!

The A&E Couples Backdoor Kit comes with:

Booty Popper Bead Stick Ideal for your first time, this stick features a string of graduated beads that start out super small while gradually growing larger and larger. This allows you to slowly build up your anal experience as you work on taking bigger beads. Finger ring allows for easy control and safe removal. Graduated beads range in size from 0.25 – 1.1 inches in diameter. Bead stick measures 14 inches long, insertable. Made from body-safe silicone, an easy to clean material ideal for anal toys.

Cheeky Anal Plug When you’re ready for a new challenge, this butt plug is ready for action! The Cheeky Anal Plug features a slim, tapered shaft that slips easily between your cheeks. A flared base helps hold the butt plug in place to build up your anal experience while helping prepare you for anal sex or bigger anal toys. The flared base also ensures the plug doesn’t go too deep. Measures 0.75 inch wide by 2.5 inches long. Made from body-safe and easy to clean silicone.

Vibrating Tail Tingler After you’ve finished with the anal beads and butt plug, you’re ready to try this fun-filled anal vibe! The Vibrating Tail Tingler is carefully shaped to slip easily inside your rear while providing maximum stimulation at the same time. The enlarged tip doubles as a prostate stimulator for guys too! Flared base massages your bits from the outside for additional stimulation while doubling as a safety feature. The insertable shaft measures 1.3 inches wide at the tip and 3.5 inches long. Made from hypoallergenic and non-porous silicone, making it easy to clean and ideal for anal use. Powered by 1 AAA battery, sold separately.

Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure DVD Learn all about anal play from a world-leading authority on backdoor health and pleasure! Dr. Jack Morin explores some of the common myths and hang-ups surrounding anal pleasure before carefully explaining everything you need to do for safe and enjoyable backdoor play. Includes real-life couples demonstrating sexual positions and anal sex toys. 61 minutes.

E-Z Douche Make sure your backside is squeaky clean before experimenting with anal. This easy to use douche “flushes” out your rear with warm water so you can focus on having fun. It even disassembles for easy cleaning. The insertable tip measures just 0.25 inch wide by 2.25 inches long.

Easy Anal Desensitizing Gel Take the sting out of your backdoor play! This desensitizer is loaded with benzocaine to partially dull the sensitive nerves in your rear. You’ll enjoy all the fun sensations of anal sex; the desensitizer just takes some of the edge off! 2.5 ml sampler.

Forbidden Anal Lube Lube is a requirement for fun and safe backdoor play. This lube is specially formulated so it lasts longer and helps protect your sensitive areas. The water-based formula is compatible with condoms and all types of anal toys. 1 oz bottle.



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