On Insane
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On Insane

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SENSUVA’S Ultra-Stimulating ON Insane Silicone personal moisturizer is a unique formula designed to enhance your sense of sexual pleasure and connection. This blend of exceptional silicones with natural essences provides the silkiest, smoothest glide of your life!Intense heat

Using the highest medical-grade silicone, ON PERSONAL MOISTURIZER feels luxuriouslysmooth and silky.

It is extremely long-lasting so a little amount goes a long way.

It NEVER feels sticky or tacky to the touch. Eventually it disappears from the skin and leaves the surface of your skin feeling soft and silky.

You could use it for an all-over body massage. The consistency of it allows your hands to glide across the skin for very long time.

Safe to use during vaginal and anal play.

It has a slight pleasant scent.

It feels room temperature when it touches the skin.

It is latex safe and safe to use with condoms.

4.2 fl. oz

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