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Extreme Personal Questions Game

ITEM #: 16218

The Party Game that Breaks all Boundaries.

What you learn about your friends might scare you! This very personal game of questions ask players to take turns asking the group questions and the first two volunteers share their answers. The group votes for their favorite answer; and that player wins the card as a point. The first player to collect five cards wins. Brace yourself, the questions get hugely personal.

Players take turns rolling die and asking the group personal questions from the game cards. The person asking the question accepts the first two volunteered answers, and the rest of the group votes for their farvorite answer. If there is a tie, the player sking the question breaksit by picking a winner, The card is awarded to the player with the most votes and the first player to coller five cards, wins.


  • 200Cards(400 questions)
  • Games Rules


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Extreme Personal Questions Game