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Fleshlight Renewing Powder

ITEM #: 2800325

Maintaining your Fleshlight has never been easier than with Fleshlight Renewing Powder™. With time and repeated use, the hyper-realistic SuperSkin sleeve of your Fleshlight may begin to naturally lose some of its softness.

By regularly using the Renewing Powder, you can keep your sleeve feeling like it did during your first Fleshlight experience. For best results, first remove your Fleshlight sleeve from its case. Dispense the powder onto your Fleshlight sleeve until it is completely coated with a thin layer. Then simply replace the Fleshlight sleeve in its case and enjoy as usual.

Note: Fleshlight Renewing Powder is also compatible with all TPE products such as packers and dildos, not just Fleshlight products!



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