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Masquerade Mask

ITEM #: 1206068

All eyes were on her this evening. The long beaded dress shimmered silver in the lights on the dance floor. The slit in the side exposed her long legs and the delicate mask on her face gave her a confidence that I rarely see. She's usually a timid lover afraid to explore her fantasies but at this masquerade ball she was fearless."Keep it on " I said as we walked out of the ballroom and into the hotel's elevator. "The mask " I reiterated as the doors closed. "I find it intriguing." The ride to our floor was filled with sexual tension. I allowed my hand to trail down the small of her back down to her hip. I could feel her pushing against my palm urging me to go further.

Gorgeously detailed and classically styled this masquerade mask will look familiar to any fan of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Cut to frame the top of the face leaving the eyes exposed the matte silver surface is decorated with silver edging and black and gold swirls. It attaches around back with silky ribbon making the fit extremely versatile.
Obscure and titillate using this formed Masquerade-style mask with satin ribbon tie. Goes well with many of the Fifty Shades of Grey inspired toys.


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Masquerade Mask