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New Comer’s Kit

ITEM #: 982

Get everything you need to realize your wildest strap-on and pegging fantasies! The Newcomers Strap-On & Dildo Set’s fully-adjustable harness fits up to 60” hips. Velvety-soft padding in front and a rubber o-ring keep your thrusts totally comfortable and secure. Use with the included 4” insertable purple silicone dildo for orgasmic penetration sensations. And when you need more? This harness can handle your favorite dildos up to a 1.25” in diameter (sold separately). It’s the perfect strap-on set for the curious newcomer!

• Newcomers Strap-On & Dildo Set
• Includes strap-on harness and silicone dildo
• Fully-adjustable black harness fits up to 60” hips
• Velvety padding in front;
• Rubber O-ring securely holds dildo
• 4” insertable dildo with .75” wide shaft
• Silicone dildo is flexible and sized for comfort
• Secure 2” base
• Dildo can be used with harness or independently
• Harness is compatible with other dildos up to 1.25” in diameter
• Machine washable;
• Includes free lube sample

Curious about strap-on play or pegging your partner? Then strap on this wickedly fun strap-on and dildo set! From Sportsheets the experts in wild bedroom products comes the Newcomers Strap-On & Dildo Set. They’ve taken out all the guesswork and paired together two incredible products to give you the perfect launching pad for your strap-on fantasies.

Begin your strap-on adventures by putting on the strap-on harness. The Newcomers Strap-On & Dildo Set’s harness is designed to be fully adjustable so you can get a completely secure fit. To wear just step into the hip strap and through the leg straps. Pull the straps up. First loosely tighten the one around your waist then tighten each thigh strap so they fit snugly.

Now grab the Newcomers Strap-On & Dildo Set’s included dildo. Insert the dildo in the o-ring in the front of your strap-on harness. The silicone dildo’s wide base holds it in the o-ring for a secure fit. Now tighten the harness’s hip strap for a snug fit. Congratulations you’re ready for strap-on success! Use the included sample of lubricant to slick up your silicone dildo and go for the gusto thrusting away.



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"I’d honestly give this 3.5 stars based on price. This serves its function, somewhat. The harness sits low on the pelvis which isn’t beneficial if you are shorter than your partner. Also the included dildo is exceptionally small. Even for newcomers. There’s virtually no stroke allowed because it will come out if you draw back whatsoever. On the flip side, this harness is compatible with a slightly larger dildo sold directly on sportsheets for around $60. Which after one use with the included toy, I have ordered. This would be appropriate to find out if your partner can tolerate or enjoy any penetration. "

New Comer’s Kit