Priscilla McCall's Stripper Gripper
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Priscilla McCall's Stripper Gripper

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Advantages of Priscilla McCall's Stripper Gripper

  • Provides a very high-level of grip.
  • Will last for a very long time, so great value for money.
  • Easy to get hold of, can easily buy online from or find a retail store near you.
  • Can be easily used all over the body
  • Does not need re-applying mid-workout, one application is usually enough


Clean and dry hands. Apply a few drops to palm of hands

Spread evenly by rubbing hand together

Allow to air dry for 15-25 seconds

Reapply as necessary for desired results

Can be reapplyed for better grip

Can also be applyed to gripping surface


Wash hands with soap and warm water or wipe with rubbing alcohol

15ml (0.5 oz) bottle

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