RingO x3
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RingO x3

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A fantastically versatile trio of erection rings from Screaming O's pleasure-centric collection of enhancement tools, the RingOx3 offers three plush, stretchy rings, each with a size and tension intensity all its own.

The largest ( 1 3/4" un-stretched) is intended for cock and ball constriction, fitting snugly around both the base of penis and the testicles. A more advanced level of constriction becomes possible with this type of ring, and many men swear by c&b rings as a way to delay ejaculation. The RingO version is comfortably stretchy, like the rest, yet maintains a snug, sure fit to in turn, keep the erection in question strong. The mid-sized ring (1.9" un-stretched) )is also the thickest, providing an extra cushioned feel with impressive constriction, with the smallest boasting another 1.9 inches and a thinner overall shape.

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RingO x 3

By Anonymous on September 24, 2016

Got this last night at the Arlington location while the wife & I were there to pick her up a new "g-spot" vibe, I have quite a few cock rings & thought I would try this one because it had 3 different sizes... we put them to good by using all 3 at once , using the midsize one as a ball stretcher and the fat donut one on the shaft of my cock, although it did a good job I wanted a tighter fit so I took the large ring & actually doubled it over and placed it at the base of my cock also... this made my cock super hard and very fat, the wife was surprised she couldn''t wrap her hand completely around the shaft after a couple of strokes... seems she really enjoyed the extra girth & the fact I lasted 45 minuets ...only down side... said she needs to wait a few days before we go again...lol...