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Silicone Male Chastity Device

ITEM #: 1206239

Specifically created to exert total control over a cock of choice perfect for all levels of pleasure restriction experience and incredibly functional with its unique customizable silicone design the durable completely tamper-proof Sados Chamber from the Master Series is an extremely excitingly secure choice for male chastity play.

Once youre ready to truss up your playmate and you have the pieces spread out youll notice the supple ventilated silicone cage- its shaped to comfortably (but very securely) contain the penis preventing him from touching rubbing and otherwise interfering with the imposed restraint. The cage itself just over 2.5 inches in length fitting over the tip and upper portion of most natural state penises. A silicone strap curls out from underneath- this piece fits underneath the testicles and attaches to the chosen back ring of which there are three in various sizes. Choose the ring that fits snugly and comfortably around the shaft and scrotum positioning it against the body.

Once the ring is in place fit the cage over the penis and draw the center strap around back of the testicles pressing the three silicone arms into the corresponding slots. Next circle one of two provided plastic cinch straps around the middle portion of the back ring and thread through the slots. A small white lock connector can then placed underneath and positioned through the cinch strap allowing for a quick ultra secure lock-up with the included padlock and keys or one of five individually numbered plastic seal locks. A fantastic choice for the chaste man on the go the plastic seal locks are airport friendly plus since theyre clearly numbered the key-holder can be absolutely sure of no interference. Sados Chamber offers an opening at the front for urine so its perfectly suited for long term wear- ventilation holes and a relatively open design allow for cleansing during wear.



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Silicone Male Chastity Device